Welcome to Pierced By Love, where encountering the presence of Jesus and experiencing His love are at the center. Revelation of the truth of who He is and who we are in Him brings us into our true identity and leads us to the joyful place of our divine purpose. Just as Jesus was pierced on the cross because of the love he had for us, may each of us be pierced to the very center of our hearts with His lavish love. 


Rhonda Slater

Rhonda Slater, founder, speaker, author and Christian life coach, began her own freedom journey in 2016. Immediately, she began incorporating inner healing and deliverance prayers into her daily prayer life and quiet time, quickly experiencing the victory and intimacy that should be a reality for every Jesus follower. Rhonda soon began bringing freedom to others through full-time ministry. 

Rhonda is the author of I Am a Shulamite: Discovering Your Love Affair With the King of Kings, which takes the reader on a journey through the Song of Solomon. It also includes 42 activations that will lead you into encounters with the King. 

She is a speaker who loves to guide believers closer to the heart of God, equipping them to hear His voice and receive visions from Him. Rhonda has four children and lives in Mansfield, TX.


Shannon Burke

Shannon embarked on her freedom journey in 2001, where she experienced a tangible encounter with the love of the Lord that propelled her into a quest for her calling. Through inner healing and deliverance, Shannon discovered her passion for discipleship and helping believers, especially new ones, navigate their faith journeys.

With a Christian Ministries degree from DBU, Shannon has dedicated herself to guiding others in building a closer relationship with the Lord and walking alongside them through life's challenges. Currently residing in Oklahoma City, OK, Shannon shares her life with her husband and two of her three children.