I Am a Shulamite

I Am a Shulamite

Discovering Your Love Affair With the King of Kings

The Song of Solomon is a story of a love affair between a king and his bride, and the King of Kings and us, His bride. 

With each verse of the Song of Solomon, Rhonda shares some of her encounters and life-changing revelations. These experiences are an answer to the prayer of Jesus for complete unity with us. Just as the Father and Son are one, He prayed we would also be one in Them ( John 17:21). 

We invite you on a journey to welcome the King of Kings into the center of your heart, where you will also receive personal revelation and a beautiful love story with Jesus that is uniquely yours.

Rhonda describes the journey of writing her book, "I Am A Shulamite: Discovering Your Love Affair With the King of Kings." 

Watch the story  Jesus has been writing for my life. I pray it will inspire you to shake off the shame of the past and encourage you to walk into the victory and lavish love that King Jesus has for you!